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For order tracking in Jasper, GA, contact your QSR customer service representative:

Vikki Stanger
[email protected]


Precision Components

Crafted with Care

Custom Molded Components, Tubing and Subassemblies

Silicone, polyisoprene and other elastomers form seals, valves, stoppers, duckbills and other solutions created to customer specifications.

Molded Components

High-performance and precision are paramount in the production of components found in medical devices. We proudly assist in developing numerous products like these for blue-chip medical device companies located around the world. We look forward to doing the same for you.

Sample Products

  • Plunger tips
  • O-rings
  • Seals
  • Diaphragms
  • Syringe components
  • Tubing


QMD offers comprehensive, integrated tubing solutions based on 40 years of silicone experience. From materials to packaging, we control every aspect of tubing production to ensure on-time delivery of even complex, tight-tolerance geometries.

sample tubing types

  • Platinum cured
  • Peroxide cured
  • Peristaltic pump tubing
  • Transitional (profile change)
  • Multi-lumen
  • Co-extrusion (radiopaque)
  • Specialty catheter assemblies
  • Wound drains
  • Pig tails
  • Tapered tubing


  • Extruded tubing from ID 0.254mm (0.010) to OD 60mm (1.25) in diameter
  • Continuous closed-loop feedback and laser measurement systems
  • Class 8 cleanroom production
  • Transitional die (profile change)
  • Multi-lumen
  • Co-extrusion (radiopaque)
  • Ink printing


Subassemblies and Assemblies

QMD custom subassembled and fully assembled products reflect attention to precision and detail culminated through decades of experience.

Comprehensive In-house automation design/build capabilities are available to meet specific customer needs. Manual options are also available.

Our sister company, Quadra, designs and builds automation to inspect, assemble and package components for customers. We are able to use this technology to reduce labor costs, which in turn, reduces the overhead costs for our customers.

Value-added subassembly and secondary operations:

  • Punching
  • Optical measuring
  • Metrology labs and capability studies
  • UV/adhesive bonding
  • Plasma surface treatment
  • Chlorination
  • Cryogenic deflashing
  • Hydrophilic coating
  • Parylene coating
  • Lamination
  • Pad printing
  • Ink jet printing
  • Die cutting
  • Pnuematic press cutting
  • Automated tube cutting and rolling
  • Skiving
  • Pressure decay lead testing
  • Compression and tensile testing
  • Functional testing
  • Automated vision inspection
  • Automated Slitting – inline and offline
  • Class 7 clean room assembly

Markets and Solutions

QMD provides high quality, value-added, integrated elastomeric solutions meeting stringent industry standards.

  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Consumer Wellness
  • Safety

End-to-End Services

We help our customers navigate bringing their device to market from engineering and development through packaging and sterilization services.

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