Wound Drainage

Advanced Wound Drainage Solutions

Elevate the standard of care, improve outcomes and drive value with Degania™ Advanced Wound Drainage Solutions. Backed by decades of experience and unparalleled expertise, Degania product designs support optimal patient outcomes and ensure surgeons have the right solutions for the right procedures.


Silicone Bulb Reservoirs

Degania™ Silicone Bulb Reservoirs feature transparent, flexible silicone reservoir bulbs to enhance patient satisfaction and allow for visible, continuous drainage.


Fluted Silicone Drains

Degania™ Fluted Drains are new-generation surgical drains with a unique 4-channel design to enhance tissue-to-drain contact and provide multiple drainage channels.


Perforated Silicone Drains

Degania™ Perforated Drains feature optimal perforations around the wound site for improved wound drainage and atraumatic smooth eyes for painless removal.


Silicone Drain Sets

Degania™ Silicone Drain Sets include flat and round, fluted and perforated silicone drains with pre-attached trocars and connectors.


Silicone Penrose Drains

Degania™ Silicone Penrose Drains feature an internal tread design for gentle wound drainage from capillaries, using suction and gravity.


Chest Drainage Solutions

Degania™ drainage solutions include a comprehensive selection of wet- and dry-suction chest drainage units and systems to remove air and fluid from the pleural space and help re-establish negative pressure.


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