Vessel Loops

Degania™ Vessel Loops are designed to provide flexible, semi-elastic retraction for soft and delicate tissues including blood vessels, nerves and tendons, in order to allow their temporary shift during a surgical procedure and enable improved visibility and access to underlying anatomical parts.


Main Features

  • 100% silicone design – Platinum cured, high medical grade silicone.
  • Radiopaque – Ensures X-Ray detectability.
  • Unique design – Oval in cross section allowing for even pressure, thus minimizing pressure.
  • Extremely smooth surface – to reduce tissue adherence.
  • Versatile – Used to retract and occlude arteries, veins, nerves and ureters.
  • Various product dimensions – To suit all purposes.
  • Sterile version – Available in sterile convenient packaging presentation (2x 18”ribbons per pouch)
  • Nonsterile version – Available 50M length in an easy-to-use dispenser, or 50M length in PE bag
  • Color-coded – Permits easy identification (White, Blue, Yellow, Red)

Product Dimensions:

Mini – Vessel Loops
 Drawing 1.30.9
Maxi – Vessel Loops Drawing 2.4 1.1
Super Maxi – Vessel Loops Drawing 4.7 1.3

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