Enteral Feeding

World Class Enteral Feeding Solutions

Degania™ Enteral Feeding products are designed with the goal of making life simpler, safer and more comfortable for patients, while providing excellent clinical functionality. The innovative Degania Enteral Feeding line includes standard and specialty items for adults and children, a variety of materials and a comprehensive range of sizes to provide individual solutions to meet each patient’s unique needs.


Gastrostomy Replacement Tubes

Degania™ Bi-Port and Tri-Port Gastrostomy Replacement Tubes are manufactured from high-grade biocompatible silicone material to ensure durability, longevity and patient comfort.



Degania™ G-Buttons, part of a complete line of Low-Profile Gastrostomy Feeding Tubes, are manufactured from high-grade silicone material for durability and patient comfort.


G-Buttons Replacement Kit

Degania™ G-Buttons Replacement Kit provides patients with access to everything needed for quick and easy insertion, with components that are compatible with one another.


Nasogastric Tubes

The Degania™ line of Single-Port and Bi-Port Feeding Tubes for nasogastric feeding are manufactured from premium materials designed to comply with ENFit® connection standards for improved patient safety.


PEG Catheter

The Degania™ PEG Catheter is a soft, high-grade biocompatible silicone tube, available in 20 and 24Fr sizes. It has an internal retention dome for percutaneous placement of a long-term feeding tube and/or decompression.


Jejunal Tubes

Manufacted from high-grade biocompatible silicone material for durability, longevity and patient comfort, Degania™ Bi-Port and Tri-Port Jejunal Replacement Tubes meet ENFit® connection standards for improved patient safety.


Extension Feeding Sets

Degania™ Extension Feeding Sets are manufactured from high-grade medical tubing and are available with two types of secure-lock connectors and a tubing clamp.


Stoma Measuring Device

The Degania™ Stoma Measuring Device includes an external plate that helps determine the proper length of an established gastrostomy stoma tract to aid with selection of the proper Gastrostomy Button, minimizing leakage and complications.


ENFit® – Putting Patient Safety First

ISO 80369-3, commonly known as ENFit® – a trademark of Global Enteral Device Supplier Association – was created by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to maximize patient safety by reducing the risk of medical tubing misconnections.

As a GEDSA (Global Enteral Device Supplier Association) member manufacturer, we offer a comprehensive range of ENFit® products.

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