Temperature Sensing (TSC) Foley Catheters

Biometrix™ temperature sensing Foley catheters allow continuous drainage of urine and continuous measurement of body temperature. Accurate and reliable, Biometrix TSCs are suitable for use in multiple clinical settings, including operating rooms, emergency departments, intensive care areas, post-anesthesia care units and on general care floors.

Main Features

  • 100 percent silicone design is suited for long-term urinary drainage.
  • Smooth, round shaft minimizes trauma during insertion and withdrawal.
  • Transparent shaft with radiopaque line enables urine drainage to be monitored and facilitates radiological imaging.
  • Soft shaft with closely fitting balloon ensures easy catheter insertion and minimizes discomfort.
  • Thin, symmetrically inflated balloon improves retention of the catheter in the bladder and prevents urine leakage.
  • Accurate and continuous temperature measurement provides precise monitoring of temperature to + 0.1°C/-0.1°C and ranges from 25°C to 45°C.
  • Color-coded, self-closing valve permits easy size indication.
  • White connector with ergonomic grip offers compatibility with most patient monitors.
  • Variety of sizes. TSCs are available in sizes from 6Fr to 18Fr and with balloon capacities from 1.5ml to 10ml.

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