Arterial Catheters

Biometrix™ arterial catheters are generally used to provide access for arterial blood pressure monitoring and administration of medication and/or anesthesia. Designed to improve patient safety, the catheters decrease the risk of complications associated with insertion techniques and provide optimal diagnostics, leading to effective treatment for patients.

Biometrix arterial catheters feature anti-kink polyurethane catheters and complete Seldinger kits that provide an all-in-one solution for performing femoral and radial arterial catheterizations.

Indicated Therapies

  • Continuous and intermittent drug infusions
  • Arterial pressure monitoring
  • Blood and blood gas sampling

Main Features

  • High-grade radiopaque polyurethane material is highly biocompatible, kink-resistant and radiopaque for catheter positioning via X-ray.
  • Low-profile catheter hub design allows a variety of skin-level fixation options.
  • Integrated design provides a smooth transition between catheter tip and guide wire to ensure minimal trauma at puncture site.
  • Straight guide wire with flexible tip provides easy catheter insertion.
  • Selection of sizes. Arterial catheters are available in 18 and 20Fr.

Arterial Catheter Kits

Biometrix arterial catheter kits for invasive monitoring of blood pressure and blood sampling using the Seldinger technique provide a convenient range of components required for placement of the arterial catheters.

Each kit contains:

  • Indwelling arterial catheter
  • Introducer needle
  • Stainless steel guide wire with depth markings and flex tip
  • Centric luer syringe

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