Vessel Loops

Degania™ Vessel Loops are designed to provide flexible, semi-elastic retraction for soft and delicate tissues including blood vessels, nerves and tendons, in order to allow their temporary shift during a surgical procedure and enable improved visibility and access to underlying anatomical parts.   Main Features 100% silicone design – Platinum cured, high medical grade silicone. Radiopaque […]

Enteral Feeding

World Class Enteral Feeding Solutions Degania™ Enteral Feeding products are designed with the goal of making life simpler, safer and more comfortable for patients, while providing excellent clinical functionality. The innovative Degania Enteral Feeding line includes standard and specialty items for adults and children, a variety of materials and a comprehensive range of sizes to […]

Wound Drainage

Advanced Wound Drainage Solutions Elevate the standard of care, improve outcomes and drive value with Degania™ Advanced Wound Drainage Solutions. Backed by decades of experience and unparalleled expertise, Degania product designs support optimal patient outcomes and ensure surgeons have the right solutions for the right procedures.   Silicone Bulb Reservoirs Degania™ Silicone Bulb Reservoirs feature […]

Urinary Catheters

Complete Urological Solutions Expertise you can trust, Degania™ transurethral and supra-pubic Foley balloon catheters are manufactured with the high standards for urinary drainage and irrigation in mind. We strive for perfection throughout the production process so we can deliver the quality catheters medical professionals, hospitals and patients deserve. Transurethral Drainage Catheters Nelaton Tip Foley Drainage […]

Degania™ Products

Designed to Deliver Complete OEM Medical Solutions Sophisticated medical devices designed with the patient in mind, the QMD™ Degania product line encompasses a wide range of elastomer devices including urinary catheters, surgical drains, enteral feeding, bariatric, and other custom designed products. QMD solutions include a range of services including market insights, engineering, manufacturing, private labeling, […]

Temperature Sensing (TSC) Foley Catheters

Biometrix™ temperature sensing Foley catheters allow continuous drainage of urine and continuous measurement of body temperature. Accurate and reliable, Biometrix TSCs are suitable for use in multiple clinical settings, including operating rooms, emergency departments, intensive care areas, post-anesthesia care units and on general care floors. Main Features 100 percent silicone design is suited for long-term urinary […]

Rapid Infusion Catheters

Biometrix™ rapid infusion catheters are used for faster, large-bore venous access and provide a safe and efficient solution during trauma cases. Biometrix rapid infusion catheters improve emergency fluid resuscitation with higher flow rates and the fastest guide wire insertion technique. Central Venous Access A catheter sheath dilator and assembly with unique anti-kink neck design enables […]

Arterial Catheters

Biometrix™ arterial catheters are generally used to provide access for arterial blood pressure monitoring and administration of medication and/or anesthesia. Designed to improve patient safety, the catheters decrease the risk of complications associated with insertion techniques and provide optimal diagnostics, leading to effective treatment for patients. Biometrix arterial catheters feature anti-kink polyurethane catheters and complete […]

Central Venous Catheters

Our Central Venous Catheter Program offers a variety of patient sizes (pediatric and adult), insertion sites, and applications.

QMD™ introduces its Biometrix™ Central Venous Catheter Program, engineered to ensure safety and performance. The Central Venous Catheter Program offers a variety of patient sizes (pediatric and adult), insertion sites and applications. A comprehensive portfolio includes kits for both adult and pediatric patients which are used in various acute settings in Hospitals. Indicated Therapies Our Central […]

Biometrix™ Products

Advanced by Innovation Vascular, Surgical and Critical Care Solutions for Optimal Outcomes Biometrix Critical Care products are designed for easy access and for measuring and monitoring patients’ vital signs during medical procedures performed in acute settings. The comprehensive and diverse product portfolio has been developed to support healthcare providers with delivering efficient, patient-centered and cost-effective […]